About ALIR

ALIR LLC was founded to assist individuals and businesses that currently own a life insurance policy. Our goal is to bridge the gap between policy owners and investors who are looking to purchase life insurance policies. Seeing firsthand so many situations where the course of someone’s life was positively impacted by Life Settlements has driven us to be industry leaders and provide education and support to the Life Settlement industry.

ALIR LLC is currently licensed as a life settlement provider in the state of California. In addition ALIR operates in Alabama, The District of Columbia, Michigan, Missouri, South Dakota, South Carolina and Wyoming.


Years Experience
In life settlement transactions
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Our People

Located in Orange County, California, ALIR is a leader in the Life Settlement industry. We understand that at the core of every company are hard working people. The secret to a successful company is truly recognizing that their talent. Our teams passion for their work is the real driving force behind we are able to accomplish together.

At ALIR, we value our people. We are proud to have the brightest, most talented and hard-working individuals in the industry. Our team is dedicated to working hands on with clients and brokers in the industry.

Our Values

We believe in building trusting relationships by working fast, hard and smart to help you to realize the successful outcome that you deserve. Contact us today to begin your partnership with ALIR.