ALIR will help you reach the goals you’ve set in the secondary and tertiary markets. We provide a comprehensive approach, based on qualitative and quantitative methods, to help our partners achieve their aims. Whether helping you sell a portfolio of policies or evaluating and reviewing existing policy pools held by national or international funds, we will address your needs, clear up uncertainties, answer your questions and bring you results.

Our Services

  • A robust portfolio of life insurance policies for sale
  • Appropriate purchaser licensure
  • Contracting
  • Pricing tools
  • Comprehensive policy servicing
  • Ownership and title change
  • Informative financial reporting
  • Tertiary transactions
  • Broker licensure confirmation
  • Broker compensation
  • Stringent underwriting and closing criterion
  • Comprehensive and timely support

Protecting your investments

The team at ALIR understands how vital a good reputation is to our institutional partners. We help them acquire policies with a focus on compliance, protecting our partners from liability and saving them the headache of addressing problems if they arise. With a population that is aging globally, private equity and hedge funds, pension plans, as well as other capital market actors are shifting a growing portion of their asset allocations into into the non-correlated life insurance policy secondary and tertiary markets.

Our team, made up of competent and tenured life settlement specialists, will work with you to help you achieve the goals you need to achieve. By using a sophisticated system of research, data pools, and technology, we create customized plans that satisfy the needs of our investor partners.

Our clients and partners employ the expertise and experience of ALIR because of our determination to address the needs of our clients in an ethical and compliant, as well as knowledgeable and competent way. Our consulting and technical services provide our clients with great value, allowing them to save time and effort when investing. ALIR will help you make the right decisions by asking the right questions, avoiding potential pitfalls, and coordinating effectively.

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