We understand that for many, the idea of a Life Settlement is something completely new. So our goal is for this page to be as informative as possible so that you come away feeling like you understand the basic concept of a Life Settlement. However, sometimes there’s just no substitute for personal interaction. So if you have questions or concerns about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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What is a Life Settlement

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a Life Settlement, it is our pleasure to help you learn more about this powerful financial tool. Basically, a Life Settlement allows you to convert your life insurance policy into cash.

Typically, if you would like to sell your policy, a licensed life insurance settlement provider (a buyer) will purchase the policy from you and take over the premium payments. This person will then also become the beneficiary of that policy. You are afterwards released from any further obligations and are free to use the money from your settlement for anything you choose

Your financial needs change over time.
So do your financial options.

As all insurance policyholders know, the primary reason for having a policy in the first place is to protect their loved ones and assets. But many find that by the time they’ve reached retirement age, that very purpose has been realized and their policy is no longer useful to them. At this point, it essentially becomes a “dormant asset.”

Retirement is an exciting time that often opens doors to many opportunities and sometimes even a whole new set of priorities.

Retirees may want to pay off their mortgage or see their children or grandchildren through college. They may even want to travel the world. But instead of being free to invest in any of those things, a large amount of their funds is being directed toward premiums for an under-performing investment.

Freeing up the money and eliminating these premiums creates greater financial freedom and countless new options for you and your family.

With Cash in Hand, Focus On What Matters

You shouldn’t have to spend your golden years worrying about medical bills or living expenses. The beauty of a Life Settlement lies in the fact that once you receive the value for your policy, you can then use the cash for the things that matter the most to you.

  • Healthcare costs

    Doctor visits, prescription drugs, medical procedures, etc.

  • Special interest funds for family members

    College Funds for grandchildren.

  • Philanthropic investments

    Give to charities that will make a difference now and in the future.

  • Living Expenses

    Mortgage Payments, Home Improvements, Pay Off Debts, etc.

  • Dream Vacation

    The vacation of a lifetime you’ve always dreamed of taking.

The most valuable asset you never knew you had

In the past, life insurance policy owners had few options when a change of circumstances called for a reevaluation of their life insurance requirements. Continuing to pay hefty premiums for an unneeded policy rarely made financial sense, but surrendering the policy for little to no monetary return wasn’t an appealing solution either.

The real issue was that people were still thinking of their life insurance policies as possessions rather than assets.

Once policyholders secure coverage, they often pay premiums and give little thought to the policy as an investment. It assumes an invisible role in their financial portfolio or is regarded as an expense that must be kept up. But what they do not realize is that by the time they near retirement, their policy has become a solid asset with years of equity.

We can help you unleash its value today.

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